Learn the Facts about 3M’s Commitment to PFAS Stewardship

Fluorochemistries, which include PFAS, are important materials that are used in everyday products. Fluorochemistries are safely used in many modern products for their important properties and can be safely manufactured. Some people have questions, however, about how they’re managed.

3M is committed to continuing to work collaboratively to find new and better ways to use science and technology to answer these questions. These are complex topics grounded in decades of research, and the discussion continues to evolve. All stakeholders – including the communities where we operate, our employees, and our customers – benefit from continued scientific progress.

Working together, we can help people continue to access products essential for modern life – including life-saving medications and medical devices, the cars we drive, smartphones and computers we use to connect with friends and family; and alternative energy – while also using science to manage their manufacturing and use.

Explore to learn the facts about fluorochemical science, and the roles regulators, policymakers, scientists and others – including 3M – have in their production, use and management.

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3M is committed to driving strong safety and environmental sustainability at our sites that manufacture fluorochemistries today.

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