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3M Responds to Inaccurate Intercept Article

The Intercept article from August 12th is not only factually incorrect, it fundamentally misleads readers from the purpose and significance of the Convertino et al. study.

The 2010 clinical trial was sponsored by Scottish company CXR Biosciences and conducted by oncologists at the University of Glasgow Institute of Cancer Sciences and the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland. High levels of PFOA were used in the clinical trial to better understand its possible anti-tumor properties. 3M was not involved with the sponsorship, nor the conduct of the trial. Any clinical results would need to come from the researchers who conducted it.

As standard practice for clinical trials, clinicians must record data from extensive health evaluations. After the completion of the trial, CXR Biosciences asked 3M about our interest in analyzing its clinical data from blood measurements. The Convertino et al. study, published in 2018, analyzed the trial data with the help of University of Minnesota medical researchers. The only biological significant finding was a decline in total cholesterol. What is significant about this finding is that it shows consistency with laboratory animal studies which also see a decline in cholesterol with increasing PFOA exposure.

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