Our Environmental Goals

3M is continually making progress on its environmental initiatives announced in February 2021, and is on pace to meet its water stewardship goals in the coming years.

  • We are on schedule installing state-of-the-science water treatment technologies at some of our largest water-using locations, and we anticipate completing that work by the end of 2024.
  • We achieved a global reduction of more than 85% in PFAS discharges at the end of 2022 compared to our 2019 baseline.
  • As a result of our PFAS exit commitment, we expect PFAS manufacturing-related discharges to cease.*
  • We are taking immediate steps to reduce water usage at our facilities by 10% by 2022, 20% by 2025, and 25% by 2030.
  • We continue to make significant progress to remediate PFOA and PFOS at sites globally where we manufactured or disposed of these materials.

By convening all relevant stakeholders – from industry, government, technical and other backgrounds – our country can develop a comprehensive approach to PFAS. 3M is committed to working with Congress and continuing to work closely with other parties to develop a path forward.

* We remain committed to site remediation, advancing water treatment technologies at sites where we have historically manufactured PFAS, and are doing so in partnership with leading scientists, community advisors, and the appropriate authorities.


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