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No Evidence Linking PFAS and COVID-19

The available scientific evidence does not support a causal relationship between PFAS exposures and COVID-19 health outcomes. Over the last 20 years, research into per- and polyfluoroalkyls (PFAS) has increased significantly, helping us to better understand these important and useful compounds. More than two decades of research has not established a cause and effect relationship between certain phased-out materials like PFOA and PFOS and health effects in people at levels typically found in the environment. This context is important to understand amid speculation about a connection between PFAS and COVID-19.  

Currently, scientists worldwide are focused on understanding the Coronavirus, its causes and potential treatments. To divert attention from this critical work is disheartening and, at worst, misleading to the public. We agree with the American Chemistry Council when it said, “Speculation about chemicals contributing to potentially adverse COVID-19 outcomes, this early in the pandemic, with absolutely no evidence, falls into the category of disinformation. We urge the public to be wary of individuals who seem all too quick to attach personal research interests and radical policy beliefs about chemical safety to this tragic pandemic.”


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