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3M Statement on Decision of Council of States

While we are disappointed with the Council’s decision, we will follow the law. 3M will continue to operate our facility in compliance with the Safety Measures. We have already begun actions to further reduce emissions of PFAS and will work closely with the authorities to demonstrate satisfaction of the Safety Measures requirements.

We expect to engage with the regulatory authorities regarding satisfaction of the requirements of the Safety Measure and hope that advanced control technologies promptly allow us to restart operations in compliance with the Safety Measures’ processes. We have and will continue to try to meet with the authorities to establish clear and achievable standards and timelines to allow operations to restart.

We will be filing a petition to annul the safety measures in the coming weeks and are considering additional legal challenges. We are working across our global enterprise to try to mitigate impacts to our customers and resume idled operations in Zwijndrecht as soon as allowed.


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